Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lower Silesia - my homeland

Lower Silesia, city Olesnica City.
I love this land -  castles, palaces, ruins, really Old World.

Games Day 2004

 Games Day 2004 - visiting Games Workshop

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Middle East buildings (for sale)

Solid resin, simple painting

Laser cut Ruins. (for sale)

 Small and Large Ruins Set - available in 15mm and in 28 mm scale

Battle Tables - Falmes of War

Joint work with somefriends - FoW tournament organizers. 

We work on the ruins:) With good temperature and strong light within 4 hours - result: 9 tables :)

"Military History: Mediaval" terrains concept arts

Concept arts from our Friends - Military History: Mediaval.

Almost like the Shire

One of our special orders - Hobbit House - 50cm lenght

Residental Block -15 mm - laser cut terrain (for sale)


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chernobyl / Pripyat part I

This is not a museum - this is a cemetery! 

Contaminated helicopters, trucks, military equipment used during rescue mission in the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl.
More than 200 vehicles

Where are the terrains ?

Early 90's in Poland
 One of the first battle game - IV ed of Warhammer, - Szeadariada convention

28mm laser cut terrains - first generation (for sale)

First generation of our laser cut terrains in 28mm scale. 

SciFi terrains Set - warlike summer colored(for sale)

Terrains directly from apocalyptic, destroyed World of the Future - Mountains, Hills, Swamp and Rocks

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Czech Defence Line

Old Czech Republic / Third Reich border. (Sudety)

3D information board

Mountains (for sale)

One of our Mountains

D-Day (old works)

Well-known battle during World War II - landing in Normandy - called D-Day
...  and simple battle table dedicated to

"Flames of War" Intro Gaming Table (Old project)

"LEARN TO PLAY Flames of War!"

Natural Hills (for sale)

Hills.We made thousands of hills.

 This one is my favourite:)

250th anniversary of the Battle for Lutynia (1757)

Historical picnic and reconstruction shows  of the occasion of 250th anniversary of the Battle of Lutynia.

Mini Hills (for sale)

Mini Hills, 2 items in set.

Khazad Dum Bridge (Old works)

2005, Bridge of Khazad Dum, 

City Fight (for sale)

We created and made few versions of City Fight - this one is from year 2012/2013

We're still workng on it - another version will be in gothic Sci-Fi style, using modern modeling technologies

From the archives - Minas Tirith

Very old project - Minas Tirith - 2006-2007

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Before Tournament - "Mass production" of Battle tables

SciF Apocalyptic Swamp (for sale)

With the effect of marshy contaminated water - Warlike summer colored

"Wojenny Młot 2006" CFonvention - large demo battle LoTR

 "Wojenny Młot" 2006 - demo game in association with Games Workshop.

We made very big Helm's Deep (240x120cm), they handed lots of miniatures (about 1000 pieces of Uruk Hai, 300 Rohans + 30 Elves - unpainted).

European Tournament Championships - 2007, Gorzow Wielkopolski (Poland)

European Team Tournament 2007

Skirmish Hill (for sale)

 Height 5cm.

Mines of Moria (Old works)

Mines of Moria modular battle table.

Quite simple paintig and technology but pretty cool effect

Wargaming Cats - "Stworek"

Crash tester;) and more help - packaging etc;)

Military Museum - Kraliky (Czech Republic)

Cliff Hill - premium series - (for sale)

Very nice, tall, Hill rocky cliff with a height of 6 cm. 

Elven Waystones - (Old projects)

28mm fantasy terrains

Thematic batle tables - dedicated to LoTR (2006)

Very old projects - five different, simple battle tables made for one costumer.

Not so bad :)

Warhammer Ancient Battle - Battle game in the shop (2006)

Bridges - 15mm - (for sale)

Bridges - stone, wooden, destroyed stone -  15mm.